Westfield Rewards

Looking after your team needn't be expensive to do.

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Westfield Rewards is an included part of our Healthy Extras plan.

You and your team can get access to discounts and cashback deal from 1000's on online and high street retailers.

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Our Commercial Operations Director: 

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Westfield rewards is a fantastic part of our Healthy Extras plan.

The crucial part of this rewards scheme is that you are saving on products you were already going to buy.

Everything from a holiday or new fridge, right through to your weekly supermarket shop.

This is something that our team at Roslyns have had for years and have saved a lot of money in this time.

Healthy Extras is a great way to show your team you care. times are tough and you may not be able to afford pay rises, but for under £1 a week, you can help in a range of ways, including making their pay go further! 



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Frequently asked questions

How do I activate this?

Westfield rewards comes with our Helathy Extras plan. Simply log on to your Roslyns client portal, go to Payroll submissions and then edit employee's details. Tick Healthy Extras and you're done. You can also watch the short video on this page which will show you how. Any problems, please email us on [email protected]

What if I'm already paying for Healthy Extras?

If you were paying for this service anyway, you'll pay nothing until 1st April 2021

What happens after the FREE period ends?

We'll remind you in March that if you still use the service in April then it will be charged. Even then, it is less than £1 per employee per week. If you want to cancel this at any time, just untick Healthy Extras on your employee's details. If the service is unticked before 1st March, you will not be charged a penny.

I don't use your payroll services, can I use this?

Yes! Just email us on [email protected] If you'd like to know more about our payroll service though, please get in touch. We can include payroll in your client services at a great price. Please just get in touch with us on [email protected]

Can I use this for myself?

You can if you are an employee. This includes anyone on your payroll, including company directors if you are on the payroll. If you are self employed, you are not an employee so you will have to ask us to be added manually. To do this click here

What do I get?

- Access to an exclusive rewards website - Enjoy special offers at over 1000 leading high street and online retailers Savings from big brands like M&S, Sainsbury’s, Boots, B&Q, Just Eat and many more - Save £100's a year on the things you buy every day, as well as those larger purchases - Pick up exclusive discounts by purchasing reloadable cards for high street stores and supermarkets - Receive CashBack from participating retailers by shopping online - Many offers are in addition to sale prices, money off vouchers and online promotions