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H.R. & Legal 

A service included as standard for all of our payroll clients.


Our Commercial Operations Director: 

Robbie Stewart click here for more blog articles

We all know that H.R. can be a minefield. Especially now with CJRS (furlough) muddying the waters even further it is hard to know if you're doing the right thing.

Our 24/7 helpline is a lifeline to our
payroll clients.
When I was still running my pubs I had nothing like this and waited to take proper advice due to the high cost. Not knowing my own rights in staff disputes was costly in itself, simply not knowing my rights as an employer made my often too cautious.
I wanted to do the right thing by my employees and a service like this would have been an immense help.
We also made the decsion to cover the cost of this service to level the playing field for our clients. Affordability should never be a barrier to support, we believe this strongly and this is reflected in our fees across our business.


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A small business doesn't have the resources of the larger companies and so rarely have access to professional H.R. and legal advice.
In these litigious days, an internet search can't replace proper advice from professionals.
As part of our commitment to level the field for smaller operators, Roslyns provide a FREE H.R. and legal service to all of our payroll clients


Our H.R. and legal service is FREE of charge to our payroll clients with no limits on use.
Trained experts are on the end of the phone to advise you 24/7 so they work around the working hours of a hospitality business, not the other way around.

Getting started

Simply login to your Roslyns client portal and click the           logo on the left hand side menu. This will take you to the HR & Legal page, which will remind you of your login details, a link to the online resources, and the helpline number.

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