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Register a limited company

Registering a limited company with companies House is easy with Roslyns.

We will make the application on your behalf and advise on any issues you may encounter on your application, all at just £80+VAT (£96incVAT)

Limited Company Application

Completion of this form will allow us to submit an application to Companies House for the formation of a limited company

If you have any questions prior to completing your form, please get in touch through

Step One: Company name

You must choose an appropriate name for your limited company. To check if the name you want is available click here

Please ensure you have supplied a back up company name. It is possible that a companies house search will tell you a name is available but this is because it is invalid so on application would be rejected.

Find out more about naming restrictions

Both names cannot be the same

Step Two: Company director details

A company requires at least one director. If you wish to add more, please do so.

This form allows for 4 directors, if you need to add more, please tick below, complete details for the first 4 directors and we will contact you for the details of the other directors.

1st Director details

(Minimum of one director, all fields are required)

Would you like to add another director?
Would you like to add another director?
Would you like to add another director?

Emails don't match

Both company names cannot be the same, please go to the start and correct

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