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Our focus is on accuracy, detail and simplicity.

The complexities of modern payroll made simple

Employee's payroll can be a minefield. With ever changing minimum wages, living wage, tips, Tronc, and workplace pensions to contend with you need the experts on your side.

Roslyns clients have access to their own Roslyns client portal making submission of payroll a straightforward process.


Cloud based


User friendly


Instant payroll as standard


24/7 H.R. advice


Dedicated payroll advisor



We work with companies in all industries making

their payroll and pensions a breeze.

As hospitality specialists we also excel in payroll

for this complex employment environment.

I think the payroll service is a brilliant new addition for us.

It saves so much time as I don’t have to wait for the report back and can process the wages instantly on the Monday morning and get them set up on my bank account to be paid on the Wednesday.

Before the reports wouldn’t come through sometimes until our actual payday, leaving me to always paying the staff on a Wednesday, which could be my one day off.

It’s extremely easy to use. Can’t praise it enough.


Iain Sim: Company director: Edinburgh

It’s a godsend. I submit my hours and within seconds all my staff have wage slips and I have their wages, it really is great.

I also love the fact that you can send a message, and someone replies more or less straight away, I think it’s all great 


Lizanne Myers

Director of a hospitality company


Our Commercial Operations Director: 

Robbie Stewart click here for more blog articles

Payroll used to be simple. Those days are long gone. From the minimum wage, to workplace pensions, and more recently the furlough scheme, payroll has become increasingly complex.
Your employees are more than just 'workers' and have the right, and expectation, to be treated well. A modern workforce have details on employment law at their fingertips and are quick to highlight any moral or legal failings of an employer.
Modern employers know that to work well, their team must be treated with respect and fairness.
Roslyns payroll services take the stress out of employing people. All of our clients have access to a 24/7 HR helpline and online document library. Payslips are securely sent directly to your employees and you have an online portal to access all of your payroll related documents any time you need them.
Uniquely, we're also able to offer additional benefits to you and your team. Healthy Extras is a fantastic scheme that brings the benefits large employers can provide, to small businesses helping you attract and retain the best people.



H.R. Support

The technicalities of calculating payroll are tricky, even trickier are the people. With a myriad of complexities, your employees will rightly expect to be properly and legally employed, but will also throw you challenges from their lives. Roslyns payroll clients have access to an online library of HR templates and a FREE 24/7 H.R. advisory line.


Healthy Extras

Roslyns offer our unique 'Healthy Extras' support for you and your employees. This gives your employees and their family benefits such as: 

Healthy Extrs reboot logo no background.png

DoctorLine 24/7 access by phone/online to a practising UK GP, a 24/7

Support Helpline with advice available on medical, legal or domestic matters. 

TogetherAll, the confidential online space to get the support you need.

Westfield Rewards offering discounts and special offers at 1000's of retailers, restaurants and destinations.

All these benefits are available for under £1 a week per person.

Find out more here

 - Our partners Westfield Health have conducted a study on the mental health effects employees have suffered from lockdown and furlough. It makes for interesting reading. You can download it here

 - If you want to learn more about health and wellbeing in the workplace please go here 

 - To learn more about our Healthy Extras, you can download some information here

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