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Our focus is on accuracy, detail and simplicity.

You can count on us (yes, a counting pun on the stocktaking page, bold!)

A hospitality business will thrive or die depending on their stock. 

There are a range of places the food and drink you buy can end up. All too often, that place is not with a customer in exchange for money.

Across the UK, our highly experienced and stocktakers use the best software, paperless technology and a well trained eye for detail to not just count stock, but analyse the results.

Making your stock work

It is not just about helping you identify theft, waste and misuse of stock, at Roslyns we take your result and turn it into advice. We sit down with you after we've drawn up a report and explain exactly what we see happening with your stock. Are your margins on wine slipping? Has a supplier changed their beef prices without telling you?


Our Commercial Operations Director: 

Robbie Stewart click here for more blog articles

We are regularly surprised how many hospitality businesses have no stocktaking done or pay for reports that give little or no benefit to their business.
Some businesses rely entirely on their managers/staff to complete stocktakes. This can often mean the people who are making the mistakes are the same ones tasked with reporting those mistakes ... clearly not ideal.
I would urge all hospitality businesses to look at how they are auditing their stock and ask themselves if they are getting information that helps them to improve their profits.
Our stocktakes are first rate. Not only do you get accurate reporting but your stocktaker will sit down with you and review the result. He/she will explain what the report is telling you about your business and give you action plans to improve your results and in doing so, improve your profitability.
Take a look at an example to see the level of detail provided.




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To go to our stocktaking specific website where you'll find even more about Roslyns' stocktaking services,

including an instant quote generator!

As much or as little as you need

Our fees are based on time taken so a half day visit costs less than a full day visit. Seems obvious? Not to some stocktaking companies. You can click below for an instant quote and see the low prices on a monthly payment schedule. You can include stocks in your full package of services with us or as a service on its own.

If you have multiple sites we can even customise your reports so that your operations team get a summary page on exactly what matters most to you.

Show and tell

If we've whet your appetite to see one our our stocktaking reports just click here

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