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Pub business webinars

The pub industry has had a hard time of late and trading restrictions brought on by COVID have resulted in many to say that this could well be the end for the ‘Great British Pub’.

But wait, pub companies and pub recruitment firms are reporting no shortage of people keen to enter the industry. For many people this is something they wanted to do before the pandemic, and they see no reason not to persevere. For others, they see a turbulent time as the right time to find good deals on the pub they want.

For those already running pub businesses, they are a hardy breed and have had to use all their skills to get through these recent challenges. 

The pub owners entrepreneurial spirit has been called upon like never before and the smart operator is looking to make sure their business is fighting fit to recover.

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This session covers a range of topics on starting a pub business

and is designed for those new to running a pub business, returning

to the industry after a break or those who are looking to make the

move from management to running their own business.


      Topics include:

  • Finding what is right for you

  • Understanding what you bring to the business

  • The types of agreements available

  • Routes to finding pub businesses

  • Asking the right questions

  • Business Plans

  • Trading entities

You will end this session with the confidence to look for the pub business that will be right for you, safe in the knowledge that you understand the range of options you have and the pros and cons of each.

Setting up a pub business

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All current sessions fully booked

These webinars are open to everyone regardless of industry experience.

They are hosted via Zoom and last approximately one hour with a short comfort break.

To book, please select the session you prefer and you will be sent a link to join on the day and a reminder nearer the time.

All attendees will receive a link to our NEW E-Book after each session.

Thanks, we'll keep in touch!

This session covers a range of topics on

building your existing pub business.


Topics include:

  • Understanding the 'business' side of your pub

  • De-mystifying the language of accounts and stocktaking

  • Understanding and using the information in your accounts

  • Understanding and using the information in your stock reports

  • The importance of controlling wage costs and how to do this

Build a better pub business

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