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How can an employer attract quality employees and retain them?

Why do employees leave?

Today employees are now changing jobs on a more frequent basis unlike earlier generations who often accepted a job was for life and aspired to progress internally within their employer’s own business structure.

Employees often leave for better opportunities. Other reasons may include a poor relationship with the employer, loss of job satisfaction and work environment, time and cost of traveling, employers not being flexible in relation to the employees wish to change hours or allowing them work from home.

How do you recruit the right applicants?

First, to appeal to job applicants tell them why they should work for you. Explain your history and opportunities. State the pay expectations and benefits of the job. Applicants will not apply for a job without knowing what the wages are. Look at the market rate and match the market rate of pay. Paying the right wage will attract the right candidates and keep them.

Concentrate on the benefits of the job and not just the expected statutory rights which they already have a legal right to. For example, shopping discounts, access to a form of healthcare or counselling support such as Roslyns great Healthy Extras scheme. These benefits will make your business stand out from your rivals.

Using employment agencies can be costly but could land you the right quality talent for the job. Of course, you may have luck advertising in the local press and even poaching! Ask staff about recommendations of people they know who would fit into the culture you have built.

Conduct your interviews in a professional manner. Consider the position and the process for the role. There is no need for a complex procedure for a low-level position, but a senior management position should demand multiple interviews with high standing people in your business.

How to retain employees?

Employers should adopt policies for assessing and evaluating employee performance and yearly pay reviews. Employee satisfaction of the role and work environment can be measured using staff surveys. Do them anonymously so staff can express themselves freely without worry of repercussions. Reviews will allow your staff the chance to give you feedback in how well the business is running.

Staff can also give you information about future career aspirations allowing you to collaborate with them to keep them.

Employees who collaborate with employers in desirable jobs are kept because the employer correctly manages them. These individuals are happier in the workplace and as a result drive the business with the delivery of a higher standard of service and productivity. The basis of an employment relationship is based on mutual trust and confidence by both the employer and employee. Engaging with employees in the workplace contributes and enhances the development of this relationship and positively results in the retaining of loyal staff. Simply speaking people management is the key to success in any business.

We hope you find this article helpful. If your need more guidance on employment law matters, please remember that Roslyns payroll clients can contact the Roslyns HR helpline anytime, FREE!

You can also see a full business guide called "Employees: Your greatest asset" HERE

Rajesh Laxman

Advisor for Roslyns HR

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