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Are you missing a trick on Recruitment & Retention?

Roslyns BDM Lee Goodship

When I first started out in the managed sector there was a basic benefit scheme but only centered around discounts on food in the venue I worked at along with other brands within the Company and by the time I left to forge my own path the shopping discounts started to appear.

There are operators who go even further than just offering drinks at the end of a busy shift with team trips, health care, gym membership, etc.

Do you advertise job pay rates when looking for team members? Would anyone apply without this information.

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Do you advertise additional benefits? Do you have any benefits to offer? Wouldn’t this enhance the package you are offering and attract better applicants?

KAM research with Growth Partners -

A recent survey has shown 75% of employees couldn’t find any information about employee benefits while researching their hospitality job.

20% said they only found out during their interview.

15% had to wait until after they had started their role.

Another challenge highlighted by this survey showed that employees when in a role believe their current employers need to do a better job to inform them of the services/benefits available to them and 79% of those surveyed would use the services/benefits if they were made more aware of what was available.

The survey showed a clear impact on staff retention by employers engaging more with their employees on the benefits/services available.

Previous research has shown 1 in 2 hospitality job candidates won’t apply if the role doesn’t advertise the wage meaning employers are missing out on 50% of an already scarce pool of talent!

But it’s not just looking after an employee’s financial wellbeing with salary and shopping discounts with benefit schemes as 75% of those surveyed have an expectation of employers also looking out for their physical and mental wellbeing.

To summarise, if employers can provide competitive compensation packages, including fair remuneration and benefits, can attract and retain high-calibre personnel. Retaining employees reduces the expenses associated with hiring and training new people, thereby reducing labour costs! Surely it is time to offer Healthy Extras to your current and future team…

especially when it only costs 92p per person each week!

Find out more here or watch the below 1 min video

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