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British Institute of Innkeeping (BII) launches network of Independent Accredited Advisors

The BII are facilitating independent expert panels to accredit professional advisors for the licensed trade for Chartered Surveyors, Accountants & Solicitors. The expert panels, formed of leading professionals in their respective fields will set accreditation criteria, oversee the appointment of accredited advisors against these criteria and review complaints which may ultimately result in formal removal of the accreditation from advisors. An independent Governance board made up of the Chairs of the three expert panels will ensure the accreditation scheme is delivered effectively and deal with any appeals from the independent expert panels.

The accreditation scheme has been designed to provide trusted professional advisors for licensees who meet the highest standards of professionalism, have full liability insurance, the required skills and expertise and in-depth knowledge of the pub industry. This will ensure licensees get effective business advice allowing them to start, protect and develop their businesses with confidence.

Geoff Temperton MD of Roslyns and Chair of the Accountants Expert Panel commented: “Today the BII have launched their network of Independent Accredited Advisors. Roslyns have been supporting the BII for many years and personally I joined in 1991, now a Fellow and previous Licensee of the Year judge.

This initiative will help guide operators and prospective operators towards industry specialist experts giving them impartial advice and information so they can make an informed decision when taking on and running a pub business.

It is important that all accredited advisors understand the pub industry. As Chair of the Accountants Expert Panel we have been working with the BII to set rules and the application criteria which must be met.”

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