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Contract Review

Lease, tenancy and franchise contract review

This page is for contracts in Scotland

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When you need legal advice

Our Partner firm


When taking on a lease or tenancy agreement on a hospitality business it is strongly recommended that you seek legal advice from an appropriately experienced solicitor.

With new laws coming into force soon in Scotland to regulate tied pub agreements, it will soon be a legal requirement to have taken advice on your contract with a pub company.
Roslyns and our legal partners, Lindsays, are able to offer this service now.

As the leading provider of business services to the licensed trade, Roslyns are often asked by our clients to help with this legal service.
We have found a company that is highly experienced in this area and matches our own company ethos of providing first rate customer service and adding value to our client's business.

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As a Scottish firm of experienced lawyers for people and businesses we provide expert, accessible and reliable legal advice, and comprehensive support to hospitality businesses across the sector
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How it works


The first step is to fill in this contact form.

You will give us some information on the business you require assistance with and the type of contract that requires review.

This information then goes to our legal partners who will get in touch directly to confirm the specific cost, and any additional information required.

You will also be contacted by your local Roslyns Business Development Manager who will answer any questions you have about the process, and provide advice at no charge, ensuring that everything you need to be ready to trade is in hand.

The cost


Roslyns and our legal partner, have put together a set of affordable fees for a report on your contract.

Most fees are between £600
+VAT and £750+VAT which represents a large saving on average fees for this service.

Roslyns are able to provide this due to the experience of our legal partners and the support given by our own Business Development Managers to assist you in making the process smooth and straight forward.

Any questions?


If you've any questions about this service,
please just get in touch, we're always happy to help.




The process of reviewing your contract and providing advice normally takes no more than a week.
If your needs are urgent, please advise this on the contact form in the 'other information' section.


Get things started here

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Your details

Guarantor details (some agreements require a personal guarantor)

Business details

Agreement details

Final details and submit

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Please note:
Submission of this form is not seen as either party accepting a contract to provide or receive a service. Your information will be passed to our legal partners at Harrison Drury who will contact you to confirm details, request more information where necessary, and confirm the price to complete a legal contract review. You will also be contacted by your local Roslyns Business Development Manager who will help make sure that the whole process goes smoothly for you. If you have any questions before or after completing this form you can contact us by email here or by phone on 01142 138 330

Thanks for submitting. We'll be in touch shortly.

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