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All you need to know about Star Pubs & Bars' Innside Track agreement

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What is Innside Track?

This is the standard agreement when you take on a tenancy from Star Pubs and Bars. Essentially it packages all the tools you need to successfully run your pub business into one. From accountants and stocktakes to an EPOS till system, Innside Track pulls together the support you need.

These suppliers are carefully selected to ensure they offer the best service and support

What part do Roslyns play?

Roslyns provide the stocktaking service to all Innside Track pubs and we are also a provider of the accountancy service nationally.

What do I get and

how much does it cost?

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From your chosen provider

  • Registration for PAYE, VAT, MGD etc as required

  • Bookkeeping

  • Monthly management accounts

  • End of year accounts

  • Tax returns

  • Including self assessment tax

  • Support and meetings with your accountant's Business Development Manager

  • Joint meetings with your accountant's BDM and your BDM from Star Pubs & Bars


Provided by Roslyns Stocktaking

  • Stock valuation on handover day where required

  • Full monthly stock audit

  • Including food if >£500 p/w

  • Report on the day

  • Full report including action plans to improve stock results.

  • Meeting with stocktaker after completion to discuss result.


Provided by Microtill

  • Modern EPOS till system

  • Till support

Regular support meetings with your accountancy company and your Star BDM are just part of the benefits of Innside Track.

Monthly stocktakes will help you to track product performance and regularly examine profit margins and pricing.


Your EPOS system will be a modern system with support from the experts at Microtill

I already have an accountant. Can I use them instead?

Star Pubs & Bars have carefully ensured that the accountancy firms on the Innside Track panel have a high degree in specialism in the pub industry and are able to provide high levels of service and support. Traditional accountants rarely provide the detail and frequency of acounts and support that Star Pubs & Bars insist on from their panel. This is why only Innside Track panel accountants are approved, but you are able to choose from some of the very best across the UK. Obviously we hope you'll choose Roslyns to provide your business services so if you have any concerns about working with a new accountant, get in touch, we'd be happy to have one of our business development managers give you a call or even put you in touch with one of our Innside Track clients. At the bottom of this page we've put in a few testimonials from some of our Innside Track clients.

Can I use my own stocktaker?

As part of the Innside Track agreement you will receive detailed and in-depth stocktakes from Roslyns stocktaking team. Roslyns have decades of experience and were chosen for the market leading service they provide. Even if your previous stocktaker was well experienced, we are confident that the reports and support from the team at Roslyns will help drive your results. Roslyns stock team are also able to integrate well with your Innside Track accountants giving a rounded service and more accurate results. We understand many people have had the same stocktaker for years but your Innside Track stocktaker will quickly become invaluable to you too and more than likely, a fresh pair of eyes on your business will bring benefits you didn't expect.

My accountant and stocktaker are cheaper though.

Something that costs less is rarely the same. Imagine a customer in your pub questioning the cost of a pint of cider, "But I could get 3 litres of cider in Aldi for that price" Very true, but it is hardly comparing like with like. Most people find that the all inclusive nature of Innside Track actually works out to be at a good price for the range and quality of services. Star have negotiated on your behalf to get the best suppliers at a low cost to you. during lockdowns, charges have been reduced and in some cases suspended which most smaller companies would have been unable to support.

Does this mean my accountant and stocktaker work for Star?

No, 100% No. Your accountant and stocktaker are working for you. You are their client and their priority. But one of the benefits of Innside Track is the transparency. This means that each part of the machine can pull together, your Star BDM, your accountant/stocktaker and you. All with a common aim, to make sure your business is succesfull. You even have the benefit of joint meetings where your accountant's BDM will join you and your Star BDM to discuss progress and how we can help tackle any issues or concerns you may have.

A lot is included, but what isn't included?

All you will need is a payroll provider. All Innside Track accountants, such as Roslyns, should offer a payroll service too. You would just pay directly for this service. Speak to your chosen Innside Track accountancy provider about their payroll packages and costs. (Roslyns instant quote is here)

How do I pay for these services?

Payment is part of your regular fees for rent etc to star Pubs & Bars, and is then passed onto the suppliers on your behalf. Additional service such as payroll, you will pay for directly to your supplier.

I have my own tills already, do I have to take another system?

Innside track is a full package and a tenant wouldn't be able to remove essential parts. If you feel your situation is unique, speak to your Star BDM as soon as possible to discuss your options.

I'm going into the pub on a temporary agreement, do I need to use an Innside Track supplier?

You only need to use an Innside Track supplier when you start your full agreement. But as you'll imagine, it make more sense to engage with these suppliers from the start. Roslyns can help you from the earliest days, from setting up a limited company or setting you up as a sole trader for example. Right through to getting you started in your pub with registrations and payroll. Then we will help you with your business plan to take you onto a full agreement at your pub.

I've not heard of Innside Track before, why not?

Your Star BDM may not have mentioned this if you are at an early stage, however, Innside Track forms an integral part of your contractual agreement to take a tenancy with Star Pubs and Bars and isn't optional.

How long do I have to be on Innside Track?

The Innside Track lasts the full length of your agreement. If you have given it a good go and feel there are strong reasons why Innside Track is not working for you, speak with your Star BDM and they will help look at your options. It is assumed though that, as stated in your agreement, that you engage with Innisde Track throughout.

If the pub company know my profit, they'll put my rent up!

Nope. Your rent is set for the period of your agreement based on a split of the expected profits. The pub company can't put the rent up mid-agreement. In fact, when it does come time for your scheduled rent review, all parties knowing if the business is thriving or in difficulty is a good idea. Remember, if you get into trouble and ask your pub company to support you with wholesale price cuts, rent concessions etc, the first thing they'll need to do is check your accounts to see how bad things are, and what support will work best. Open book accounting often works in the operator's favour. The idea that the pub company will try and up your rent at the drop of a hat is an old fashioned problem. Regulation and modern business practise have thankfully made this a thing of the past.

If I use an Innside Track stocktaker, will they tell Star if I buy out?

We never recommend buying stock out of an agreement contract as doing so so will destroy the relationshsip between you and your pub company, as well as meaning fines that wipe out any benefit. For a stocktake to be accurate, your stocktaker needs to report the facts to you, otherwise it is pointless. You see the stock result as can your BDM from Star. Basically, if you're already thinking about scams ... the pub might not be right for you.

If I take another pub that is not with Star, they will see it too

Again, nope. Another thing to tick off the worry list. If you have a tenancy on 'The Dog and Duck' with Star through Innside Track, that is totally seperate from you having a second tenancy with Admiral at 'Kings Arms', even if you use the same limited company/sole trader. Even when you use the same accountant, the only infromation Star would ever see would relate to their site, no other.

It is a nightmare to change accountants, especially before my year end

Not at all. This is a pretty standardised process. You just let your previous accountant know, and make sure your payments to them are up to date. Then your new accountant gets in touch with your previous accountant who sends all the data they have over. This information then forms the basis for continuing your accounts as they were. There should be no reason for any disruption or delays.



While I have a reasonable knowledge of finance and accounting, my first 4 months trading produced losses each month along with a Wet GP averaging 48% vs a budget of 58% over this period.

When my contract with STAR which included Innside Track kicked in on month 5 and I began to receive monthly Stocktakes and Management accounts from Roslyns I moved immediately from a position where my business was technically bankrupt to showing a profit each month.

The improvement in the Pub’s financial performance was directly related to my Roslyns BDM, Stock taker and STAR BDM who guided me and my business through the fundamentals and formulas along with their experience in the trade I was able to tap into their vast knowledge of potential Red flag issues and explored tested practices resulting in an increase of Yield from 70% average to constantly achieving 100% and with the wet GP moving from an average 48% to 63%.

... I now love going onto my Roslyns Portal and seeing my risk reduced from high risk to low risk.

Kazik : Royal George (Star Pubs & Bars)

I just wanted to say, again, thank you all for your hard work.

You guys rock.

I don’t think people appreciate how much you guys do to keep our businesses running in the background. As a business of less than a year old, it’s suppliers like yourselves that literally keep us moving.

Thank you so much for all your support. What a great team of people.

Couldn't get through this without you! Thank you all


Katie: Globe Inn (Star Pubs & Bars)

I have used Roslyns as part of Innside track for over 2 years as part of my Business Start up agreement with Star pubs and bars.

The service has been excellent. Being new to business they have always been on hand to assist me and ease my concerns making life that little bit more easier as a new business.

I would recommend Innside track and wish to thank them for helping make my first years in business easier.

Tracey : Unicorn Inn (Star Pubs & Bars)









As a Roslyns Business Development Manager I have found Innside Track to be incredibly helpful for our Star Pubs & Bars clients.

The transparency means that all stakeholders in the business can have open and frank discussions. Innside Track means that we aren't chasing anyone for accounts or stock reports, it is all there and in one place for us to use when advising our publican clients. My aim is to make sure the pub is making a good living for our clients, Innside Track definitely helps me do this.


Ben Darwin: Business Development Manager (Roslyns)

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