Weekly Cash Sheet

Guide to Filling Online Cash Sheets

After registering for Roslyn’s Online Services you will have the ability to fill in your weekly cash sheet online. This help guide may help with any queries you have.
We can break the cash sheet down as follows:

Section 1

If you have multiple sites, you’ll be able to choose which site you want to submit a cash sheet for. If you only have one site, you won’t see this option.
In the week ending boxes, put the day in the first box, month in the second and two digit year in the final. Eg 1st October 2014 would be 01/10/14.

Section 2 – Sales
Section 2 comprises of the sales. Here you enter the daily sales for both food and wet, you can also enter the weekly takings for other items. The items in green are automatically calculated based on your entries in the sales. Sales should be gross, i.e include VAT and include all sales, whether they be cash, card or cheque. Anything other than numbers will be refused by the system.

Section 3 – Expenses
Here you enter any cash expenditure. Drawings and wages will always appear as default and wages should be entered as net, i.e the amount you physically give to your staff. If paid through bank, do not enter here. All figures should be the cash you physically paid out and therefore include VAT.

You can add new lines of expenditure and the system will remember these lines for each cash sheet thereafter.
Then just give the expense a description “Entertainment” for example and declare the amount in the second box. Entertainment will then automatically appear on the screen for the next cash sheet.

Section 4 – Cash Rec
This section is meant to help you with reconciling cash. Entering the opening cash from the start of the week, and declaring your PDQ/card sales in here along with any cash you’ve banked should agree back to the cash you hold on site. Expected closing cash is worked out by taking opening cash, adding on your sales and deducting expenditure and bankings.

If the expected closing cash doesn’t agree back to the physical cash on site you may have undeclared cash expenditure or someone may even be pilfering from you. For smaller differences it may just be overings or underings on the till.

Section 5 – Notes
Here you can inform us about anything that you feel may be important to note that isn’t necessarily cash or of a financial nature. Perhaps you need more envelopes or you want to tell us what a cheque was for.
Pressing submit then sends the cash sheet to us whereas save draft stores it in our database without telling us the cash sheet has been submitted. You can then recall a draft from the top of the cash sheet and submit it at a later date. This allows you to enter the information during the course of a week.