Licensed Trade

We love a good pub or bar – not just visiting them, but helping landlords and landladies run a rewarding, long-term business. We know from our 27 years’ experience in the hospitality and licensing sector that it’s not enough for new owners to have a big idea and loads of enthusiasm – you need specialist advice, every step of the way, from buying your establishment to running it, promotions to new products. We’d be delighted to come with you on your journey.

We can help you:

Produce a viable business plan

Prepare profit and loss/cash flow forecasts

Create new promotions

Choose new products

Make your pub a highly successful business

Thinking of buying an assignment or assignment of business goodwill in the licensed trade?

Always use specialist licensed trade accountants – running a business in this industry is a unique business and demands accountants with unique skills and experiences. We’ve been helping the people in the licensed trade for nearly thirty years.

Find out the history of the business – does it come with a good reputation, or one that will need turning around?

Do your financial homework – always obtain recent accounts from the seller and barrelage figures from the brewery.

Remember to ask about rates – it sounds absurd, but many prospective licensees forget. But with some rates being up to £1,000 a week, it’s something you really need to think about.

Make sure a qualified person completes your survey – if there are faults, you need to be able to negotiate with the brewery or pub company to get them fixed, or to reduce the selling price.