Submitting Your Hours Online

Submitting hours online has two main features; add new employee and input hours.

Submit Hours

If you have multiple sites you can select from the dropdown which site you are submitting for. If you only have a single site, this option won’t be visible.

Enter the week or month ending for your pay period as dd/mm/yy. For instance, 1st October 2014 would be 01/10/14.

Once you have staff setup you will have a screen that resembles the above. Here you simply enter the hours for each member of staff on each line. Horus should be entered as decimal; for example, 4 hours 15 minutes would be 4.25. Rate of pay will always default to whatever it was set as last week, so if they have a temporary pay increase you will need to decrease it again the following week. For salaried staff, simply put hours as 1 and the rate of pay as their salary. Enter in notes any holidays, leavers or anything else that doesn’t fit in the previous two boxes.

Add New Employee
Once you press add new employee you’re greeted with another screen that allows you to enter all their details. It’s important the P46 declaration is correctly filled in otherwise the staff member may have the incorrect tax deducted.

Press print in the bottom right to print a copy that your employee can sign and then press submit. This will submit the new employee to us and add it to the list so you can declare their hours.