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Find out how Roslyns can help you and your publicans alike.

Since 1992 Roslyns have been the specialist in business services to the pub trade. Operating across the UK,

we provide:

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Our Industry Partners

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  • An online portal where you can view your pub's information from stocks reports to accounts and weekly revenues.

  • An industry partners mailing list with updates on industry news around things that affect your pubs such as recent changes to Covid guidance for business.

  • FREE toolkit and guides for your publicans from rota planning/costing to a GP calculator.

  • Access to support through for question that you or your publicans may have around accounts or payroll for example.

  • High quality, detailed and compliant business plans that we ensure have full input from the applicant and are priced from just £150.

You can take a look at our services to see what we offer to our clients. We also provide a uniquely high level of support to our industry partners in the pub companies.​

Find out out more about the Partner's Portal.


Our Commercial Operations Director: 

Robbie Stewart click here for blog articles

We work directly with independents and those who take on leases/tenancies with pub companies across the country.

We are panel accountants for most pub companies and strive to not only look after our own clients but also support the industry overall.

As a company, we also provide a uniquely high level of service and support to our industry partners in the pub companies.

I personally ensure that my network of industry partners are kept up to date and supported whenever they encounter any questions around accountancy, stocktaking, payroll etc.

Especially during the Covid days, this is been a great way to support the industry, we all need to stick together right now.

You can contact me directly:



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Mutual Support

We work with our clients who are looking to take on additional sites so encourage our industry friends to keep us up to date with pubs to let, particularly those needing a tenant urgently.

We also offer a thank you of a £50 Amazon Gift Card for each referral who subsequently sign with Roslyns.

To find out more you can go to our Refer a Friend page.

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