This page will be updated on a regular basis as the Government advice changes in response to the current crises.

Roslyns have developed a simple hospitality cashflow calculator to calculate how long you can sustain a closure during this crisis.
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Frequently Asked Questions

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Are Roslyns still charging full fees while I am closed?

We have cut our fees by 50% for April and are doing so again in May. If your direct debit already went out for April in full (it was too late for some banks to change) then you will have nothing to pay in May. Despite the cut in fees you will continue to receive services for accounts, payroll and support.

I have another question not covered here, can you help?

We will certainly do our best to answer any question you have. You can email or use the contact form below. We will get back to you within 24hours (Monday to Friday)

My Own Income As An Employer

The staff are being looked after with the 80% but what about me, I’M A LIMITED COMPANY?

  • Company directors of limited companies are classed as being employed by that company. For this reason, you would not be eligible for the Self Employed Income Support Scheme.
  • You would still be eligible for furlough though as you can ‘furlough yourself’ from the limited company.
  • You would then receive 80% of your usual salary that is processed through payroll. Any dividends would not be counted, only through payroll.

The staff are being looked after with the 80% but what about me, I’M A PARTNERSHIP?

  • As a partnership, the rules apply that same as for a sole trader.

The staff are being looked after with the 80% but what about me, I’M A SOLE TRADER?

The staff are being looked after with the 80% but what about me, I’M A SOLE TRADER?

  • As a sole trader, you would be in a position to apply for the Self Employed Income Support Scheme

Who can claim this and how?

  • It is open to anyone with trading profits up to £50,000
  • You must make the majority of your employment through self-employment.
  • You must already be self-employed, and crucially have a tax return for 2019 (i.e. submitted in January 2020)
  • If you missed the deadline to submit your tax return in January you have 4 weeks from 26.3.2020 to submit this and still qualify for the grant.
  • If you qualify for this grant, you will be contacted by HMRC and the payment would be paid into your bank account.

When would I get the money if I qualify?

  • The chancellor has said that whilst he hopes for it to be sooner, those who qualify would be able to access these grants no later than the beginning of June.

What if I am only recently self-employed?

  • The chancellor has said that if you don’t have 3 years, then they will use the one year that you do have. The three years are intended to flatten out any volatility in a business causing peaks and troughs each year.
  • Those who have not yet had a full year of self-employment to submit will not be eligible.

What if I don’t qualify?

  • In this case, the only support you have is the business interruption loans or access to the strengthened universal credit scheme.


What about holidays/sickness/benefits etc for my staff?

  • Essentially, everything remains the same as during normal employment. You just furlough the employee, process 80% of payroll, which you then claim back from the government in the form of a grant to you.
  • Employees on sick leave are paid SSP not furloughed wage, and 14 days of this you can reclaim from HMRC
  • Employees still accrue holidays whilst on furlough as they are still ‘employed’.
  • Any holidays taken would be at the normal rate of pay as usual.

How do I apply, and how is the money paid to furloughed staff?

  • The money will be paid to the employer through a new government portal. This portal is not available yet so details on it are unknown at this time.
  • You pay your staff through payroll as normal. You have been emailed with instructions on how to do this. There is also advice on our client portal.
  • Until you receive this money, you will have to pay the 80% to the staff yourself until you get it from the government. If you have no money to do this then you can look at the loan scheme (more detail on another FAQ) or speak with the employee and ask if they can wait.
  • Remember, most hospitality businesses are eligible for a grant. This should begin being paid soon.
  • The government expects payments from the 80% scheme to begin around the end of April.

What is furlough and how does the 80% work?

  • Furlough is a term for a leave of absence for an employee, whilst still keeping them employed.
  • To furlough someone, you can use the template elsewhere on this page.
  • The Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme allows you to furlough a member of staff but still have the government cover 80% of their usual pay (up to a maximum of £2,500 per month)
  • All employees are eligible, part-time/full time/zero hours/salary, so long as they were enrolled on your PAYE system by 28th February 2020.
  • It is based upon 80% of their ‘normal’ pay. If they are contracted for 35 hours, it is 80% of that (28 hours) that they are paid for. If they have no set hours, then it is 80% of the average. Current guidelines are that we take an average of the previous year or the same month last year, which ever is greater. For those working for less than a full year, we take an average from start to now. It is as simple as that really, we do the calculations for you.
  • This furlough payment only applies when they have been furloughed (not working) and you must tell them in writing (we have a template to download on this page).
  • The furloughed employee must do NO WORK FOR YOU. If they are still working (e.g. in the kitchen cooking takeaways), then they should be paid as normal, NOT furloughed.
  • The government have now clarified that if the contract of employment allows it, staff are allowed to work for another employer whilst on furlough.


Who will receive the Grant funding?

  • The person who according to the billing authority’s records was the ratepayer in respect of the premises on the 11 March 2020
  • Eligible recipients will receive one grant per property

How do I access the Grant I’ve heard about and how much is it?

  • The £25,000 Grant is available for all businesses with a rateable value of £15,000 to £51,000 in England, £12,001 and £51,000 in Wales and £18,000 to £51,000 in Scotland. Below that, you would be eligible for a grant of £10,000. Above £51,000 you would not receive a grant.
  • The Grants are being administered by your local authority who should be in touch with you soon to facilitate the payment.

Coronavirus Business Interruption Loan

How does the Coronavirus Business Interruption Loan work?

Please do not use this form to submit your staff hours and salaries.