Heineken promises £50m for 150 pubs

25-Apr-2019 By Nicholas Robinson Brewer and pubco Heineken has ring-fenced £50m to pump into 150 of its Star Pubs & Bars sites, a record sum for the business, which is estimated to create 1,200 jobs in the sector. HTTPS://WWW.MORNINGADVERTISER.CO.UK/ARTICLE/2019/04/25/HEINEKEN-STAR-PUBS-AND-BARS-INVESTMENT-2019 Please follow and like us:

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Four trends set to deliver restaurant gold in 2019

13-May-2019 By Ashley Sheppard QSR Automations vice president of sales Ashley Sheppard on ghost restaurants, automation, recipe reading tech and booking through search. HTTPS://WWW.BIGHOSPITALITY.CO.UK/ARTICLE/2019/05/13/ASHLEY-SHEPPARD-QSR-AUTOMATIONS-TECHNOLOGY-TRENDS Please follow and like us:

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Is your restaurant throwing away its profits? Seven ways to cut food waste

10-Apr-2019 By Philip Simpson It’s hard to believe but the UK ranks 24th in the world when it comes to reducing food waste. Philip Simpson, commercial director of ReFood, the UK’s leading food waste recycler, believes we can do better. HTTPS://WWW.BIGHOSPITALITY.CO.UK/ARTICLE/2019/04/10/IS-YOUR-RESTAURANT-THROWING-AWAY-ITS-PROFITS-SEVEN-WAYS-TO-CUT-FOOD-WASTE Please follow and like us:

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Long term plans: 6 steps to hire for longevity

07-May-2019 By Natalie Reason, Hospitality falls behind other sectors in terms of staff retention. The key to filling roles for the long term is all in the recruitment process, says Natalie Reason, head of Tiger Hospitality HTTPS://WWW.BIGHOSPITALITY.CO.UK/ARTICLE/2019/05/07/LONG-TERM-PLANS-6-STEPS-TO-HIRE-FOR-LONGEVITY-IN-HOSPITALITY-RESTAURANTS-STAFF Please follow and like us:

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Winners of Eat Suffolk Food and Drink Awards 2019 announced

Congratulations to the winners at the Eat Suffolk Food and Drink Awards 2019. Rolsyns are proud to announce that three of the categories were won by pubs and restaurants that we work with! Read the full article here: https://www.eadt.co.uk/news/suffolk-food-and-drink-awards-winners-2019-1-6023358 Please follow and like us:

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UK’s hospitality gender pay gap narrows by 2% in past year

05-Apr-2019 By Stuart Stone According to figures from luxury hospitality recruitment company The Change Group, the average salary of female hospitality staff has increased at a faster rate than male counterparts to narrow the sector’s gender pay gap. HTTPS://WWW.MORNINGADVERTISER.CO.UK/ARTICLE/2019/04/05/HOW-BIG-IS-THE-GENDER-PAY-GAP-IN-THE-HOSPITALITY Please follow and like us:

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Britain’s “thriving” tourism economy gives sector a boost

25-Aug-2017 By Georgia Bronte New research commissioned by Barclays Business has shown the UK’s tourism economy to be thriving, with turnover for hospitality businesses up significantly over the last year. HTTPS://WWW.BIGHOSPITALITY.CO.UK/ARTICLE/2017/08/25/BRITAIN-S-THRIVING-TOURISM-ECONOMY-GIVES-SECTOR-A-BOOST Please follow and like us:

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Government delays changes to restaurant tipping laws

13-Feb-2019 By Sophie Witts A government plan to ban restaurants from deducting a percentage from staff tips will not be enforced until at least later this year. HTTPS://WWW.BIGHOSPITALITY.CO.UK/ARTICLE/2019/02/13/GOVERNMENT-DELAYS-CHANGES-TO-RESTAURANT-TIPPING-LAWS Please follow and like us:

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How did historic alehouses, taverns and inns evolve into the pubs we see today?

Getting together over a drink – or some other psychoactive substance – has played an important part in the social evolution of human beings for millennia Please follow and like us:

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